6 Ways Cats Say I Love You

They really do show they care

Some people think cats are nothing more than self-centered furballs. Much has been said about them being aloof. Sometimes they may walk away when we call their names or seem disinterested in our presence. But the truth is that cats say I love you in their own ways. They’re cats, so their methods are often subtle.

Nonetheless, they do love their humans. If your favorite feline does one of these things, congratulations you’ve earned the love of a cat. That is no small feat.

1. With their eyes

You’ve probably seen it before. Your cat’s eyes narrow to slits as they hold your gaze. They look at you with a lovesick expression. That says it all. Your cat loves you. My cat, Hermione jumps up on the couch next to me. She’ll turn in a circle to find the right position before she finally plops down next to me. When she does, I wrap my arm around her and scratch behind her ears. She looks up at me with love in those green eyes. It’s one of the best things in the world.

My cat Lucky would stare at me and gradually narrow his eyes. I’d reach out to pet him and he’d purr like crazy.

2. The head nudge

Sometimes cats show they care with a head nudge. My blind cat, Scout does this. She obviously can’t look at me with love. She finds other ways to show me the love she feels for me. She’ll nudge her head against my leg or against my arm as I’m petting her. Sometimes she’ll reach out a paw to discover if I’m nearby and nudge her head against me. She also purrs loudly as she does this — she’s an excellent purrier. I made up that word. She purrs with gusto when she knows I’m nearby.

My cat, Hermione also favors a head nudge. She actually hops on her hind legs to nudge her head against my hand as I reach to pet her. It’s one of the cutest things I’ve seen. She also nudges her head against my arm as she sitting on the couch with me.

3. The body nudge

The body nudge is similar to the head nudge. I call it the body nudge because sometimes when I’m standing, one of my cats will start with a head nudge. But will keep going and put their entire body into it, and nudge me from head to tail. Scout sometimes does this and then does a front roll for me to scratch her belly.

My cat, Harper favors a variation of the body nudge. She begins with a body nudge, then scampers ahead of me and flops down on her side for some scratches. There’s nothing else I can do but give her the attention she desires.

4. Snuggles on the couch

Another way cats say I love you is by seeking out attention. For me, this usually happens when I’m watching television in the evening or reviewing emails in the morning. My cat, Harper will hop on the couch and make her way toward me. She gingerly moves onto my lap and will sit there while I stroke her fur and scratch under her chin. She’ll occasionally adjust her position, stretch out her paws and lean her head on them as she slowly falls asleep.

The length of time she stays there depends on how still I am. One move from me and she’s off.

5. A napping cat

More than one cat has snuggled up to me when I’m on the couch taking a nap. My cat, Lucky would climb up on the couch the moment my body went horizontal. He’d lay next to me and we’d nap for about a half-hour. He’d also sit on one of my pillows while I slept at night. I don’t know if he lasted the entire night there, but I always woke up to a paw gently nudging my shoulder. That was Lucky telling me he wanted breakfast.

Now I sometimes wake up from a nap and find Scout sleeping on my feet. Lucky’s gone now, but it’s like he taught her what to do while on nap duty.

6. They want to be with you

When cats want to be near us and seek us out, that’s another way they say I love you. Think about it, if you don’t like someone you usually don’t want to hang out with them. When cats want to be near us, it’s because they like or even love us.

When I’m in my office, my cats will climb up on the desk and hang out. Sometimes all three of them hang out with me the entire time I’m working.

My three cats line up in the hallway as they wait for me to return home. I give each one a scratch behind their ears and ask them how their day went. Other times, they’ll want to hang out with me and show their affection while I’m in the bathroom. It’s the thought that counts.

Despite a reputation to the contrary, cats do show they love us. Sometimes, it’s more obvious. They’ll purr or do a head nudge. Other times, it’s more subtle. They stay close to us no matter how awkward that might feel. Cats have their own ways of sharing their love. We’re all better off for it.